Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Platform as a Service Today Updates

Ovum: Cloud Integration Is Hard, Expensive Despite iPaaS' Promises
IT shouldn't buy the hype about integration platform-as-a-service solutions  easily solving their cloud integration woes, warns a recent report from Ovum. In fact, integration work will still cost about $8 for every $1 of  SaaS subscriptions or software licenses, the ...

Heart of Smartness: A Tech Accelerator for Africa
ReadWrite Cloud. VMware Denies Cloud Spin-Off Rumors - Keeps Focus on  Platform-as-a-Service · What's Killing the Printer Business? Is a VMware/EMC Cloud Spin-Off in the Works? More +. ReadWrite Biz. Dear Marissa  Mayer: Don't Change Yahoo ...

Cloud Foundry, the Open Platform as a Service - Oscon - July 2012
Interop 2011 - Scaling Platform As A Service Interop 2011 - Scaling  Platform As A Ser… Google Cloud for Data Crunchers - Strata Conf 2011 Google Cloud for <http://www.slideshare.net/chanezon/cloud-foundry-the-open-platform-as-a-service-oscon-july-2012>

Extending Intel's Enterprise Private Cloud with Platform as a Service
Related posts: An Enterprise Private IT Cloud Computing Architecture and Implementation Roadmap IT Business Agility: This IT@Intel whitepaper shares how  <http://connectedsocialmedia.com/8738/extending-intels-enterprise-private-cloud-with-platform-as-a-service/>


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